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Stable horses club Ballada.
We are suggesting visitors of Russia activities in Moscow suburb. More then 80 horse. Almost all of them are aboriginal breeds.
The main aim of the stable is breeding working domestic animals for harnessing, for fhorses trails and reconstruction different historical events. 
Stable can suggesting for visitors three troikas, pair ore one harnessed horses. 
30 different kind horses for making ride in beautiful countryside. Doesn’t need experience in riding. No limitation in wait for riders. Horses are reliable, trained for shooting and explosions.
In holidays or for organized tourist’s groups is making horses show with different elements training, fancy riding and weapon applications.
Stable has big amount Russians domestic costumes for making photo sessions.
Visitors can expecting to have tea or coffee in local kitchen, have a lunch. Also possible ordering shish kebab, pilaw or solyanka from open fire, home made village cheese, home cows and goats milk, creams, meat gees, duck, rabbit, sheep. 
The main holidays are Christmas time and Maslenica when stable suggesting for visitors all different variety amusements.
Horses back riding 1100 rub/h
Troika 10 000 rub/h (8 persons)
One harnessing horse 3000 rub/h or 2000 for 30 min (3-5 persons)

Stable is 40 km from MKAD in the way to Saint Petersburg. It’s possible to get place by local train from Leningradskaya train station, Povarovo. Plus 2 km by feet, or by taxi 200 rub. 

Any question you can ask by phone.
f. 89166302099 Dima
e-mail shatak@yandex.ru